If you are booked on one of our courses it is essential that you read this whole page to ensure you are fully prepared for the course. We are required by the organisations that give us permission to deliver their exams to give you access to as much information as possible. We want to help you be prepared and enjoy the day!

What will the course be like?

All our courses are friendly, fun and informative – you won't be asked to do anything embarrassing. But you're more likely to enjoy our courses if you join in the discussions and activities. That way you'll get more from the course and this way you're more likely to pass!

What is the dress code?

Please dress as comfortably and as smartly as you wish, unless your own company has a particular standard it expects of you. But please, no beach wear!

What should I bring with me?

Please bring some form of photo id if you are attending a CIEH course, otherwise you cannot take the test or assessment. Photo ID is either Passport, photo driving license, works photo ID, or a student ID card. If you don't have these I will need a signed letter and signed photograph from your manager.

Can I arrive early?

Yes of course. The tutor will be in the training room at least half an hour beforehand. You can always help us set up!

What happens if I arrive late or miss part of the course?

If you arrive more than 30 minutes late you may not be able to take the assessment test at the end of the course without doing extra work, or staying back after the session has finished. There is some allowance made by the CIEH, for example, in these circumstances, so we can usually find a solution for missing a small part of a course.

How can I find out about the course syllabus and programme?

You should have received this in the joining instructions from us directly or via your employer. Syllabuses for CIEH courses are all available at but please e-mail us and we will provide this and the programme to you direct. Please note course programmes and timings are standardised, but may be modified during the training to suit the needs of the learners.

What about any learning difficulties I may have?

You can speak to us or the tutor directly in confidence about any worries you have about the training. All our trainers are very experienced, and we have solutions to help you. Also if you have any permanent or long-term disability, temporary disability, mobility problems, hearing or sight difficulties, a medical condition or specific learning needs such as having English as a second language then please let us know in advance so we can help.

What standard of service can I expect?

As a CIEH registered trainer we have to comply with certain standards, such as the 'Candidate's Charter' and our own Equal Opportunities policy. You should have received this information or you can access it by clicking here

What happens if I don't pass the assessment?

The CIEH makes provision for re-sit opportunities without retaking the course again. Our pass rates are very high but in the unlikely event you do not pass first time we can work together to improve on any weaker areas.

Exams and tests

Please note that we follow CIEH procedures for all exams and tests:

There will be a clock available.

The exam will be conducted in exam conditions (no talking etc.)

Use of notes, books etc. is not be allowed


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